Emergency Dental Care in Charlotte, NC

We are happy to see emergency dental patients in our Charlotte, NC office.

We typically do not have walk-in appointments, so please call us at


to schedule an appointment and take care of the dental problem.

We can usually see you the same day depending on our schedule and yours.

New Dental Patient Form Prior to your visit, please download and complete this new dental patient form.

Dental Emergency Form Please download and complete this emegerncy dental form as well.

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These forms are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you may download it by clicking on the graphic link to the left.

At your emergency dental visit, Dr. McMurtry will review your medical and dental history. He will next perform an emergency dental exam of your specific problem. Based on his clinical findings, he will then get a radiograph of that area to help visualize the problem area. Depending on the situation, different radiographs might be requested. This will help direct the appropriate care for you.

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A "bitewing" xray is used to look for cavities between the teeth.





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A "periapical" xray is used to look at the whole tooth, so that the ends of the roots may also be evaluated.





For your Charlotte emergency dental needs, visit Dr. Brian McMurtryDr. Brian McMurtry will help you with your Charlotte dental emergency needs

A panoramic film ("panorex") will be taken should a tooth need to be extracted. A panorex is also useful in evaluating impacted wisdom teeth (above left) or a severe infection in the lower jaw (above right).

Based upon the diagnosis of the problem or problem areas, Dr. McMurtry will discuss with you the various different treatment options and take excellent care of you.